Thursday, 25 November 2010

Honey roast chicken with Thai pea mash and new potatoes

I came up with this scrumptious recipe last night and couldn’t wait to share it with you all! The sweet, honeyed chicken is so delicious with the chilli pea mash; a serious taste sensation. Who said peas had to be boring? Definitely try this one asap!

Serves 2
2 organic chicken breasts
drizzle of clear honey
300g frozen peas, cooked and drained
1 tbsp thai green curry paste
1 dollop natural yoghurt/ crème fraiche
6 new potatoes
sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
4 tbsp olive oil
knob of butter

1. Heat the oven to 200C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.
2. Chop the potatoes in half and place on baking tray. Drizzle with oil and season with salt and pepper. Pop them in the oven straight away, as they’ll take a little while.
3. Meanwhile, on a hot non-stick pan, sear the chicken breasts, about 2-3 minutes each side with a little olive oil and butter. Remove from the pan and place on the baking tray with the already cooking potatoes. Drizzle some oil and honey on the chicken and cook in the oven for about 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. Make sure you keep an eye on the potatoes to ensure they don’t overcook.
4. Place the cooked peas, curry paste and natural yoghurt in a food processor and pulse until smooth.
5. Once the chicken has cooked through and the potatoes are nice and crisp, plate up with a good helping of mash topped with the honeyed chicken and roast potatoes; delicious!

Gluten free – Wheat free

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